What we believe

Sustainability is rapidly becoming the ‘activity’ that is central to guiding how organizations and companies  think and behave. Businesses do not lie in isolation: their actions are felt by employees and investors, by consumers and communities, and by the environment and wider society. A sustainable strategy takes into account all of these stakeholders, and drives better business purposes, processes and practices.

Align revenue goals with responsible operations. Embrace change for continued growth. Respond positively to emerging societal, environmental and technological needs and trends. Improve people’s quality of life. Protect the planet. Act ahead of regulatory changes.

By understanding the correlation between social, economic and environmental impacts, Codethic set out to create an enterprise-wide program for companies and organizations of all sizes to address their sustainable obligations and measure their performance. Codethic helps organizations to align themselves with good governance best practices, integrate eco-friendly solutions, create campaigns and communicate on every aspect of their activities.

Official representative of B Corporation / B Lab Europe since September 2014, Codethic promote B Lab certification and services known. Codethic make the access to the certification process easier for companies and to advise them on the steps to follow (www.bcorporation.eu/switzerland).

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